Our Mission - making mobility smarter

The current traffic systems originate from the past. High costs, traffic jams and environmental problems are the result. Micromobility, shuttles, sharing and pooling are the components of new mobility solutions. We integrate them into ONE App. The optimal mobility offer for you is just one click away - on your U-TURN App! We want to reach these goals together with you in the next 3 years:


50% less costs per km


50% less emissions per km


50% less time in traffic jams

U-TURN is an open community. Our ambitious goals can only be achieved by involving users, transport providers and cities. Together we are developing the mobility of the future. When U-TURN becomes YOUR-TURN, smart cities and stress-free mobility will become reality.

Our services

App Development

The smartphone becomes the future
“mobility cockpit”. Get the best out of it!

Mobility Analysis

Insights into mobility data becomes crucial
to transport providers and urban authorities


Attain “best practice” by learning
from a network of mobility experts

Meet the Team

Roland Heese

Chief Innovation Officer

Laura Heese

Community Manager

Peter Löck

Mobility Expert

Ingo Pfuhle

Business Development

Dr. Rene Höfer

Geospatial Expert