99% of Scooters in Europe are electric

With a growth to 4,200 scooters in sharing use, the German market can show an expansion of 47 percent. Worldwide, the sharing market for scooters even grew by 164 percent. 25,000 electric scooters in 2018 will be compared with 66,000 this year.

“Scooter” doesn’t mean the new kickscooters, but the classic scooters, also called mopeds. Already 99 percent of the scooters used in Europe are electric, and 70 percent worldwide.
In Germany these Scooter-Sharing offers are not only available in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, but also in smaller cities like Tübingen or Bielefeld. In total, the scooters can currently be used in 17 German cities.

Most of the cities where scooter sharing is available are located in Europe (82%).

Barcelona, Paris and Madrid are the cities with the largest number of scooters.
As an example I want to mention the Berlin-based Startup “Coup”, a Bosch subsidiary, that plans to have 5,000 scooters on the road by the end of 2019. They operate in Berlin, Tübingen, Madrid and Paris and have achieved rapid success in all three cities.

We tested Coup in Berlin and were very enthusiastic. There were a lot of vehicles available in the nearby area, they were sufficiently charged, the helmets were clean and it was a lot of fun to drive through the city with the electric scooter. A big advantage is that you can park them easily and without searching for a proper parking lot.
Even if you’ve never driven a scooter before – driving electric is super easy.
I think the e- scooters are a wonderful mobility alternative (especially in summer).

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