Helsinki – Travelling on a “Whim”

With a regional population of 1.4 million, Helsinki has become a global testing ground for the ideas behind Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Many see it as the next big thing in mobility. With the Whim App in Helsinki, the world’s first unlimited travel plan is available; this includes unlimited public transport, cars, taxis, bikes and more for a fixed fee.
Artikel: (Quellen Ramboll “Whimpact study”)

Maas Global soft-launched its MaaS application “Whim” in Helsinki, Finland in late 2016, followed by a full commercial launch in November 2017. In late 2018, the service had over 70.000 registered users. The first ever MaaS operator interconnected many of the city’s mobility options in one subscription and within a single app. With the Whim app, the user is able to combine, plan, and pay for public transport, taxi, car rental, car sharing and city bike trips.

In early 2019 Whim was arguably the only fully-functional MaaS service in operation for at least one year. The danish consultancy company Ramboll was asked to review the first year’s travel data (2018) provided by Maas Global, and compare it to other sources of travel data in Helsinki. This study is subsequently also the first of its kind; it is the first attempt to identify the impacts of MaaS in a real-world context with a large number of users.

These are the first important MaaS insights:

  • Public transport is the backbone of MaaS
       (Whim customers use 73% Public transport compared to 48% average)
  • MaaS grows along public transport corridors
  • MaaS helps to solve the first/last mile problem (with Taxi + bike share)
  • New transportation solutions (micromobility) can replace 38% of daily car trips
  • MaaS does not change the transport system itself; rather, it facilitates a more dynamic and inclusive use of the existing one.

The Ramboll study shows that MaaS can contribute to reduce congestions and emissions to a great extent. Solutions like the Whim app are a great leap ahead toward Smart Cities.



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  1. The Whim App is also available in Antwerp und Birmingham.
    With different providers and not all plans.

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