Kickscooters rise up

Since July you can find them in many German cities at almost every corner: the new electric kickscooters.

That’s because the roll out of the scooters was extremely fast. In Berlin alone there are already about 6,000 of them, which corresponds to a similar number as taxis and sharing cars. However, the practical e-scooters are not only available in the big cities, but also in cities such as Lübeck, Bottrop, Erfurt, Dortmund, Münster, Bonn and soon Göttingen.

The prices are 1€ per trip (“activation fee”) plus 0.15 – 0.20 € per minute (varies in different countries. Dynamic pricing is therefore technically possible depending on the time of day or demand. The operating areas are currently still limited to the city centres, because the kickscooters are collected, loaded and maintained at night by the providers.

The first analyses show interesting information about their usage (see chart). Scooters are ideal as a supplementary option for multimodal trips (the so-called last mile). If the destination is between 1-2 km away, the scooters are a good choice. So far they have only little competition from other means of transport, most likely from rental bikes (which are station-based and therefore not always evenly distributed).

Very good evaluation, but the provider “circ” is missing.

With approx. 5-6 trips per day, most providers are currently economical according to their own information. However, this can change quickly with further increasing competition and the upcoming winter season. The further distribution to smaller cities and the price development will be exciting. So far, the introduction can overall be regarded as positive because they have obviously well- served a demand gap.


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